TheatreLight.Rentals rents LED lighting fixtures and associated items for school and community theatres.  Most of our gear is OEM versions of professional units, so we can offer you workable solutions at budget friendly prices. more »

"We rented wireless systems for our last 7 or 8 shows - unbelievable value, great service. Plus, the bodymics microphone elements work as well as any of the more expensive industry standards.
– Anthony F.  Somerset  NJ


About Us


if paid for 48 hours before we have to ship to reach you on the agreed by date


Up to 20% is available if you pay in advance - 3 months ahead less 20%, 2 months less 15% 1 month less 10%


varies based in value of gear, our risk assessment.  Refundable 10-14 days after return less damages and late fees.



We are adding light fixtures to our inventory.  We currently have some basic lighting stuff and some magic movers! ​

Our pricing includes shipping and is subject to our normal early payment discounts.  Even before discounts our prices are very very competitive.



in full of both rental fee and security deposit.  We must have signed contract too.

TheatreLights.Rentals is another creation from the mind of Rod Reilly the founder and creator of the bodymics "value meets quality" range of microphones for wireless systems squarely aimed at the average school and community theatre  audio departments.

Rod was born in Sydney, Australia and he began playing with lighting in high school - school auditorium shows, school dances etc.  This interest was maintained and expanded in his college years when he became involved with Harvest Theatre (part of the Anglican Church Youth Outreach in Australia) as a lighting designer/operator, and later sound guy - for special effects and music - no wireless microphones.

This led to system design work in schools and churches, and an offer to provide production services for a major gospel tour of all capital cities within Australia (6 off them).  With out the requisite equipment or capital, this tour was subcontracted to an existing rock and roll production company, but the seed was sown.

A few months later, Rod and a couple of high school friends opened the first of many businesses in the sound, lighting, production touring, special events production and concert promotion arenas.  By the late 1990, worn out and looking for a change, Rod moved to the US, married Sheila (a Jersey girl), started a family - yeah a late bloomer.  

Initially working for a concert production touring outfit, Rod shortly transitioned into corporate AV - less travel, more money.  This eventually led to consultancy gigs with a number of NYC Conference Center companies and contract management of  AV departments.  Then came the 2007 crash .... life became harder. Contracts got cancelled.  Back to freelance work and searching for the next big idea.

So started with the aim of providing cost effective rentals of wirless systems at fixed price anywhere in the USA.  We still operate this business today, and as strange as it may seem the bulk of our rentals are not nearby - fully half are in California/Texas and other states west of the Mississippi..

The growth in popularity of ear worn microphones, and the insane cost of the major players products set us on a search for an alternative.  This process eventually led to the commissioning of our own range of cost effective (value meets quality) earset microphones.  We eliminated a lot of poor sounding components before we found capsules that met our standards, and today we have a range that we are very proud of.  Many look similar to products offered by others - some lower and some higher in price, but none seem to match our consistently good sound - it pays to QC the components that go into a finished product.

We are planning to expand our range of products and services.​